Thursday, August 10, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Afterword

Hello. Diapers bought as reference material: 1300 yen. Pregnancy test bought for the same reason: 1000 yen. The look on my friend’s face upon finding diapers and a pregnancy test in a childless guy’s room: priceless. This is Sakakikasa.

Now, this one was Juvenile Attack. How did you like it? I called it “juvenile” and yet focused on the story of an upperclassman like Ren, but I think I made up for that with Ange in the end. Maybe.

I returned to the original trio and kept the sex scenes to only Ange, Machina, and Lucia this time. Even after six volumes, this was actually the first time to have it one-on-one with each of them. I need to pay more attention to that kind of structure.

Once again, I have to thank Amagai Yukino-sensei for the cute illustrations. …Ange with the pacifier and rattle was…dangerous. I think he has me beat when it comes to kinkiness.

And I once more received a lot of help from my editor, T-sama. Although he’s a little too into the backpack + bloomers outfit.

Now, until we meet again in the next one.

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 7 - And Onto the Cultural Festival

Two thousand meters below Megutono Academy was the lowest level of FeTUS Headquarters, aka the Garden.

The indoor space was set to appear like a beautiful field, a five-person table meant for the Witches sat at the center, and three seats were currently filled.

Miss D, the tall maid, had changed into the apron dress she so loved. Machina was still wearing her school uniform. Miss B was also wearing her uniform and her upper body was sprawled out on the table.


Ren had bandages here and there thanks to her several-hour-long battle with strongest angel and she breathed a deep sigh.

The maid laughed while pouring warm water in five cups and heating them.

“You’ve really done it now. Miss A is very upset that you demanded a duel with that cute angel who had decided not to interfere.”

“Hmph. I cannot allow anyone to look down on my pride. I cannot back off when I am insulted.”

“But you had the wrong person, didn’t you?”


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 6 - Juvenile Attack

Chapter 6: Juvenile Attack

Meanwhile, as Ren and Subaru pursued the mysterious figure…

“Miss B! Corner her in the back yard!”

Whoever-it-was was trying to escape at full speed, so Subaru broke through the school building’s wall to cut her off.

Her teacher’s formal suit could not keep up and its fabric shredded away. But even with that gone, her shirt and panties could return to being a black dress – that is, Black Cat’s armor suit – so it was not a problem.

And once she also put on the cat-printed helmet she liked so much…


She caught up. She extended her steel claws and went in for the slice before her opponent could do anything.

The intruder dodged and fell back…just as Ren caught up from directly pursuing. They had successfully trapped whoever-it-was between them right before reaching the school’s back gate.

Black Cat’s eyes widened once she got a good look at the intruder.

The intruder brushed her red hair back even though the other two had gotten the upper hand.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 5 - Juvenile Ange

“Both of you! Wait a sec-…”

Mutsuki’s voice was drowned out by the sound of the school building’s wall being blown away.

Red and gold. Two balls of light shot out onto the athletic ground.

“My power is the sword of prayer. Manifestation of almighty wisdom, appear before me!”

“Just so you know, I’m not going to hold back! Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”



The two drawn swords clashed.

Ange wielded a giant mass of metal that was probably larger than she was in both width and height, but Ren’s sword was thin. Yet it did not bend or break. Also…


As the angel charged her way, the witch chose not to dodge and instead caught the attack head-on. She did not fall back.

Even if Ange was lighter due to her smaller body size, she had to have the greater overall weight when her sword was included. If her power in the clash had been matched, it meant her opponent had greater strength or speed.


And Ren’s lighter blade gave her the more dexterous weapon.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 4 - A Distant Yet Close Pair

A man lay in darkness.

He was on a springy bed, but he still sank into the sheets. That was just how much he weighed. His half-naked body was covered in ugly excess flesh. He was not all that tall, but he was apparently heavy enough for the bedsprings to give up the fight.

Before even judging how his face looked, the fat around his neck and cheeks were scrunched up in a way that made him look like a toad.

That man lay arrogantly back in the darkness.

“Ah, ahn…master

“Nh, hhh. Shuntarou-sama…yours tastes so good.”

Two cute girls lay with him.

They were both still best described as children.

One was a girl with light purple hair that tended to curl. Her arms and legs looked like they still had a good bit of growing to do, but her bust alone was unnaturally large. She had the milky skin of the white race, but it was slick with sweat and she rubbed it against the man she lay with.

“Uheehee. Good, Riselle-chan. Here, you want a reward, don’t you?”

“Ahh, thank you so much, master.”

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 3 - Dark Visit

The Fujita family tended to be low energy, but Mutsuki did not have trouble getting up in the morning.

But just because he did not have trouble did not mean he was particularly good at it.


Rinnnng, rinnnnng.

Yet again, he got out of bed at 5 AM at the insistence of his ringing cellphone.


“Are you up?”


“We meet in the Student Council Room at 0600 again. Don’t be late. Got that?”

His groggy mind managed to answer “yes”. He suppressed his desire to dive right back into bed and got dressed. He put on his gym clothes instead of his uniform. He had 3 pairs, but it was a little damp because he had been wearing them every day lately and his laundry rotation could not keep up.

The sun had yet to color the eastern sky, so the living room’s eastern window was dark. He sighed and prepared breakfast like usual.

“I’m back~ Oh? Hee hee hee. You’re up early again.”

“Welcome back, Micha-san.”

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 2 - Arrival of Student Council President Shirohara Ren

Shirohara Ren had served as Megutono Academy’s Student Council President through the previous year.

At the time, she had been known as History’s Greatest President.

She got excellent grades and was skilled at sports. She was the lacrosse team’s ace and she was beautiful to boot. That alone would have been enough to make her the school’s most prized student.

But her excellence as President had come from another talent: her superb leadership.

Her mere presence had a way of whipping people into shape. Her naturally lofty aura filled people with tension.

She could be a little hardheaded herself. Whenever someone confessed their love to her, she would give them a lengthy lecture about how a student should be focused on their studies, so she could be inflexible. She gave off a strict atmosphere, but that did not seem like a bad thing unless you were truly up to no good.

Everyone had sensed a slight disturbance of the public morals after she had left this spring.

She was of course incredibly popular.

Her light brown hair and bright white skin gave her an almost ephemeral look, but her slanted eyes held a shocking depth.

Her small face was perfect, from the outline to the distribution of facial features. The long refined bridge of her nose, her lips, and her strong-willed eyebrows all possessed a certain elegance.

And she also had a body very unlike a Japanese one. Her beautiful breasts swelled out as much as possible without detracting from her elegance, her waist was skinny in contrast, and her butt was cutely plump. Her hips were positioned high and her tight legs made her look tall even though she was only about 160 cm. And that helped add to her reliable charisma.

The entire school had been shaken when word had arrived that she was leaving. It was well known that 20% of the students had written in her name when voting for the current year’s Student Council election.

It was also still unknown why she had left the school. She had said nothing and not even the teachers had been informed.

It was only speculation, but there were rumors that she had heart problems. Several people had seen her occasionally holding her chest, so they wondered if she had transferred elsewhere to undergo surgery.

At any rate, she was someone that Megutono Academy’s middle school was not about to forget in only 4 months.

…And the same was true for Mutsuki.