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Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: Chapter 2 - Why the Succubi are Working Away From Home

“A s-succubus?”

When Kazuki repeated her statement while seated on the edge of the bed, Karen blushed a bit and nodded while seated next to him. She had wings on her back, pointed ears, and a long tail growing from near her tailbone. With the swimsuit, it looked like some kind of cosplay, but this was not special makeup or accessories and the wings and tail were clearly growing from her body.

“I know you will find it hard to believe, but it’s true. …Each year, a few of us will work here. We come from a world that exists alongside this one…a demon world, I guess you could call it.”

She went on to explain that this was her second year in this world, so she had been in contact with human culture enough to find it a bit embarrassing to call her home a demon world. Whatever the case, he kind of had to believe her after seeing the wings and tail for himself. That meant there really was somewhere like a demon world where a bunch of succubi lived.

“But why would succubi leave their world to come to our-…wait, it can’t be!”

Stories with this sort of setting were often about an invasion from another world, but Karen must have sensed his alarm because she quickly waved her hands to deny it.

“N-n-no! Um…It is true our world is facing a number of problems…and we are visiting here to resolve them. But…”

“What kind of problems? And how are you resolving them…?”

He was not sure if he should ask, but she seemed to think it made sense to explain it all now that he had seen her true form. She nodded and answered him.

“To put it simply, we are working away from home.”

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Harem Dynast Part 2: Chapter 5 - A Roughly Fallen Flower

“The castle gate…the castle gate was breached. The enemy is inside the city.”

That cry of despair reached the Clanarian soldiers’ ears and their morale was shattered.

The flames rising from the waterway wriggled and coiled like countless serpents as they burnt through the city. Vortexes of black smoke ascended and blotted out the sky while the scarlet and golden flames reflected off of armor and blades. The bizarre beauty of the scene sent tremors down the spines of all who saw it.

Within that, Burns, who had been frozen into an ice sculpture in the waterway, shattered the ice clinging to his body and finally advanced onto land.

“Hell yeah!!! That kiss from Lady Dominic is mine!!!”

The Clanarian soldiers shuddered when they saw his courageous form. From thenceforth, he was known as the Demon Beast of Domos and his name would never be forgotten.

“Curse them!”

Fresh blood dripped from Virginia’s fist after she punched a stone wall. She was a genius at using magic and she had plenty of ambition as a commander, but she was still an amateur when it came to war.

“Princess, we cannot hold this position. We should fall back to the palace.”

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: Chapter 1 - Beauty Treatment to Develop a Man’s Popularity

Character Introduction:

Sakuma Karen: Beautiful esthetician of the beauty salon MONM. A sensual appearance and an affectionate smile. This time, she tried speaking to Kazuki.

Sakuma Rumina: An esthetician just like Karen, but a trainee. Innocently approaches Kazuki and has a deep relationship with Karen.

Sudou Juri: The protagonist’s childhood friend. People thought they were a couple, but…

Koshigaya Kazuki: Confessed to Juri and was shot down. Afterwards, his powerful sex drive is giving him trouble.

Claudia: Daughter of MONM’s owner. An alraune girl with giant tits & tentacles.

“Oh, my. That really happened to you? …You poor thing. I know how you must feel, Koshigaya Kazuki-san.”

The black-haired woman who said that looked to Kazuki with sympathy in her eyes and a soothingly soft smile on her lips.

(Why am I in here telling this person about that?)

“Here” was a large café built in the prime real estate near the train station.

“That” was being rejected by the childhood friend he had known for a long time.

And “this person” was a young woman he had met so recently he did not know her name.

(Actually, I do know her name…)

He glanced down at the business card she had placed on the table for him earlier. That provided her name.

(Sakuma Karen-san…age unknown.)

That said, she looked to be in her mid-twenties at absolute oldest. With the aroma wafting toward him, he might have accepted that she was in her thirties, but with the youthful skin visible below her thinly-applied makeup, she could have passed for a teenager.

(I guess that comes with the job… She is an esthetician after all.)

Novel Introduction: Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls

There's still an Adolescent Adam short story to translate, but I felt like translating a one shot first (although this actually has a sequel):

Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: I Started the Milking Course (性感淫魔エステ 搾精コースはじめました)

Author: Takaoka Chikara (高岡智空)
Illustrator: Kusakami Akira (草上明)
Label: 2D Dream Bunko (二次元ドリーム文庫)

The premise is pretty simple: The MC finds himself at a beauty salon that acts as a front for succubi to gather semen as food to send back to their world and it turns out that the MC's high libido and special cum might be able to save the succubus world from decline.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 3: No Little Sister is Stronger (Lewder) Than Her Big Sister
Chapter 4: The Succubus’s Misreading, the Human’s Result
Chapter 5: Milking Massage, Impregnation Course

Also, I might as well start translating the author and illustrator's comments from the cover flap:

Takaoka Chikara: The heroines drawn by Kusakami-sensei are way too cute and sexy. I had to move and all sorts of work piled up, so I’ve had to hole up doing nothing but work for a while. Without those illustrations, I might have run out of energy, so thank you very much!

Kusakami Akira: Which would you rather have teasing you, a kind young woman or a bratty little girl? It’s a hard choice, isn’t it? I just spent 2 hours thinking about it. I’m so jealous of the protagonist who gets to experience both at once.
Ahh, I want someone to tease my weary body…

Monday, January 1, 2018

Adolescent Adam 7: Afterword

Hello. Eh? It’s been 3 years and 9 months since Volume 6!? This is Sakaki Kasa.

Yeah, sorry about the wait. This one was really late, but I somehow managed to get Adolescent Adam Volume 7 released.

You might wonder what I’ve been doing for the past 3 years, but I haven’t just been goofing off. I’ve had a lot of jobs writing game scenarios lately. So you might think I’ve been cheating on you with the game industry, but that only happened because of an offer to turn Adam into a game.

But it turns out this series doesn’t work very well as a game, so over the past 3 years, 3 different projects (for an all-time total of 4) have fallen though. The manga adaptation is going well, so Volume 2 of the Adam manga (drawn by Amagi-san who does the novel illustrations) is going on sale at the same time as his. Make sure to buy that too!

Now that the advertisement is out of the way…Amagai-san, thank you for more wonderful illustrations. I’m relying on you for the other jobs as well. And I’ve been causing trouble for my editor T-san again.

Now, let’s hope you can see the next one faster than that. I’ll do my best.

[Translator’s Note: Volume 7 came out in early 2015 and there is still no sign of Volume 8 here at the beginning of 2018. The most recent mention of it was in the afterword of a different novel released in early 2017 where the author said he had Volume 8 halfway written, so we’ll see what happens.]

Adolescent Adam 7: Chapter 9 - Stay Away

When I, Kurikara Saya, woke up, it was the evening after the cultural festival.

A helicopter had apparently crashed and I was apparently directly below it, so everyone said it was a miracle I only got some scrapes on my legs.

But my mind was cloudy and I couldn’t remember what kind of accident it was.

I kind of remembered a helicopter appearing in front of me, but the picture in my mind was shaped differently from the wreckage I was shown. And I also remembered hearing a really loud noise that didn’t sound like a crash. It was more like gunfire.

Adolescent Adam 7: Chapter 8 - Lilith’s Plot


Mutsuki awoke in darkness.

He was on a bed…he thought. It was soft and comfortable, but it was not his usual one. When he realized that, he looked around the area.

There was no light, but he was oddly able to make out the outlines of things. It was probably daytime but with the lights off. There were a few heaters and small lamps around the large bed.

It seemed to be a bedroom. There were lace curtains on the window.

When he saw the solid-looking bars beyond that, he rapidly woke up.

He tried to get up, but found his hands were handcuffed to the bedposts and he could not move.

(Wh-where am I? I’m trapped in here…aren’t I?)