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Harem Caravan: Chapter 5 - That Which Cannot be Bought with Money


The secondary capital of Curling could be seen as the heart of the Domos Kingdom.

Rosy Angel’s Way, a stylish street paved with light red brick, was known as a luxury shopping district and the wealthiest merchants had shops there. The most prominent of those shops was Gentle Flame, a jewelry store run by the Legins Company.

The Legins Company sold everything from royal underwear to the everyday necessities of commoners, but this shop sold status symbols. Famous and rare products from around the continent were carefully arranged within the polished crystal cases.

The store was frequented by the kingdom’s celebrities, every woman in the kingdom dreamed of visiting one day, and simply having your name on the register of clients was a status symbol. Everyone knew someone had lost their wealth if they stopped shopping there.

After Orfeo returned from his journey, his father left him in charge of that store.

It was essentially a reward for the successful caravan around the continent. It was a much easier job and it was also profitable, so it was an excellent opportunity.

He was building up the proper history of the son and heir of a major merchant.

Also, his most trusted workers – Eulica, Torié, and Lena – were perfect for the store’s stylish atmosphere. They wore their uniforms impeccably as they worked with the customers.

Everything was smooth sailing and Orfeo was living an ideal life that anyone would envy, but he breathed a gloomy sigh as he looked up at the bright sun out the window.

“Alesteria can really hold a grudge.”

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Curse Eater: Fourth Seal - Sex Incu-Bus

“Hey, could you get the meeting started already? Yukimura-san and I have student council work after this.”

Student Council President Inagami Ayuko was yet again in the clubroom in the name of keeping an eye on them and she rushed her childhood friend.

“Everyone’s here now, so I was just about to start anyway. I’ve decided what we’ll be researching for the Urban Legend Research Club’s first on-site investigation! First of all, read this article.”

The boy who led the Urban Legend Research Club operated the mouse to display an article from a local paper.

The headline read “Phantom Bus Finally Photoed?” and there was a grainy and unclear photograph below it.

“This is the ghost bus that everyone into urban legends is talking about! Rumors are spreading online and they’re talking about it on TV, so it’s really risen to prominence in the past few months.”

“The ghost of a vehicle? Sounds phony to me.”

When Saki viewed the blurry photo that was apparently of the back of a bus, she gave an unlikely opinion for an exorcist girl. She specialized in Sex Gods, so she was not all that interested in urban legends and ordinary spiritual phenomena.

“Don’t be so quick to judge. Legends of ghost vehicles have been around since automobiles became ubiquitous. There are even quite a few photos and videos.” The urban legend boy began passionately arguing his case. “In America, they released the footage from a police car’s camera showing the car it was chasing pass right through a chain-link fence. Everyone was talking about it when it happened.”

Harem Caravan: Chapter 4 - The Princess’s Secret

“We were fortunate not to be caught in any wars.”

Just as Eulica’s relieved comment stated, their journey was progressing smoothly.

They had prepared as thoroughly as possible, but there was nothing they could do if they were caught in a war. The caravans from other kingdoms must have been requisitioned for supplies first.

“You never know when you’ll run into a war these days, so you were quite lucky, young master.”

They had been attacked by bandits a few times, but Barbara’s precise instructions and the efforts of the entire caravan crew had held off any major disasters. And on the business side, Eulica’s sharp negotiating skills had left them with a hundred times the wealth they had when they set out.

That naturally meant the crew was a hundred times its original size. Including the temporary hires, they numbered 2000. Size meant safety, so plenty of other caravans and travelers had gathered, giving the overall caravan group more than 10,000 people. No bandits were foolhardy enough to attack a group of that size.

Their biggest concern lately was the Orsini-Sabrina Double Kingdom which could be seen as Domos’s greatest rival. That was a dangerous location for Domos merchants, but it was also a promising area for business and a good place for teaching Orfeo about society.

Their fears had proven unnecessary and they had safely finished business there, so they had traveled north to the Melishant Kingdom, a disputed region between Domos and the Double Kingdom.

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Milk Princess: Epilogue

“Sigh~, drinking in the bath first thing in the morning is the height of luxury…”

While relaxing in the royal bath, the queen downed a cup of wine. Stella and Rosemary were also there beyond the rising steam.

“Mother, please don’t drink so much.”

“That’s right. If you drink this much this early…you might get sick.”

Her daughters glared at her, but Christina did not seem to care as she asked Sherris for a refill.

“It’s fine every once in a while. And today is a day for celebration. Right, Akira?”

“Y-yes…it is…”

The queen pulled over the boy soaking next to her and rested her head on his shoulder. Akira agreed despite the happy soft sensation on his upper arm.

(That’s right. This truly is a day for celebration. No one is after me anymore and Courreges won’t be dragged into war.)

After Courreges had kicked out the messenger without providing a response, Sodom had been so enraged that they immediately gathered their army to attack. But their people had been so worn down by Sodom’s endless wars that they had rebelled, convinced a portion of the army to join, and started an unstoppable uprising.

They had fallen into civil war, but the rebels had ultimately taken the capital, the royals had fled the kingdom, and the people had established a legislature.

Word of Sodom’s collapse had quickly spread to the surrounding regions, so now that they knew Akira was no longer in danger, the usual group was enjoying a morning bath.

“We also caught the spy, so Courreges should be at peace for the time being.”

“Yes. They have already been dealt with, so do not worry.”

Sherris explained that while handing a cup to the queen. The captured civil official had denied the accusation at first, but after Sodom’s collapse eliminated the possibility of being rewarded later, she had given up and confessed.

“C’mon, quit clinging to Akira like that.”

Stella embraced him from the other side and rubbed up against him with breasts appropriate for her age, even if they were no match for her mother’s.

“That is my line. Akira will be my husband, so I want both of you to at least give me a turn first.”

Rosemary approached from in front, stuck out her oversized tits, and sat on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her beautiful face close.

“Oh? But mothers get first dibs.”

Christina slid her hand between the princess and boy’s lips.

“Really!? Why must you get in my way?”

“Because you keep insisting he’s your husband, Mary.”

While watching the sisters hold their standard conversation, the queen asked the boy a question.

“Come to think of it, have you decided who you want as a wife?”

“Eh? Well…um…”

The boy mumbled and the princesses held their chests out confidently

“That would be me, obviously. He slept with me yesterday and filled me with his milk twice.”

“No, it will be me! I mean, we had sex three times before entering the bath this morning.”

In true Courreges fashion, Stella and Rosemary bragged about how much sex they were having, but the boy could only blush and hang his head.

“My… Akira, you were fucking my daughters before and after spending all night with me? The milk goddess may have blessed you a little too much.”

“W-wait…what did you say?”

“All night…with mother?”

The confident princesses’ expressions froze over and then they glared at him. Their gazes were painful.

“To be more accurate, he also received my milkmaid services between Princess Rosemary and Her Majesty last night.”

The maid revealed even more as she approached from behind him.

He was trapped between tits and a soft place. There was no escape with boobs in every direction.

“My, my. Then who do you intend to choose? Or were you hoping you could just choose all of us?”

The queen laughed happily, but Stella and Rosemary blushed and argued further.

“Akira, if you have that much milk to offer, then give it all to me!” demanded the younger sister.

“That’s right! I want to enjoy your cock as much as possible!” insisted the older sister.

They both sent their hands underwater to reach for the boy’s crotch.

“Ahh…calm down, you two…”

He tried to pacify the frantic princesses, but he instead felt further hands stroking his penis.

“If that is how it’s going to be, then I must say that I am not satisfied either.”

“Please let me milk you this morning as well.”

He had ejaculated around ten times since yesterday, so he might seriously dry up if another orgy started now. He sensed danger, but he could not refuse these women and girls who loved him so much. He could only prepare himself for what was to come.

“Today I will prove to you that I am the best!” loudly declared Rosemary.

“No, Akira will be my husband!” insisted Stella while refusing to back down.

“You might just have a younger sibling in the near future, Stella and Mary.”

“I would also like to have your milk inside me, Sir Akira.”

The women were into it as well.

(There’s no way I can choose just one of them.)

This choice was beyond anything he could have imagined in his dreary and hopeless life in Sodom, so he simply sucked at the breasts before his eyes.

The sweet flavor of milk soon filled his mouth.

“Now, Akira. Drink as much of my milk as you like.”

The scene before his eyes truly was a boobtopia.

His happy milk-soaked life was only beginning.

Milk Princess: Chapter 6 - Lovey-Dovey Boobtopia

“How…how rude!”

On that day, the royal palace in the Courreges capital of Belhazzar was in an uproar.

This was thanks to a message – a message from Sodom.

The queen suddenly stood from her throne after reading it. Her boldly-exposed shoulders trembled with anger while she balled up the message and threw it to the floor.

“Your Majesty, what did Sodom say!?”

When the various officials collected the balled-up message and read it for themselves, they grew pale.

Sodom’s claim was as follows: Courreges was clearly sheltering a traitor who had unforgivably stolen their spoils of war, so they demanded Courreges immediately hand over that criminal. If they refused, Sodom would attack.

“They will attack Courreges if we do not hand over Akira? Did they really think I would sell out my daughters’ savior over a threat like that!?”

The Sodom army was known as the most powerful in the land, but its strength did not come from the valiant efforts of its soldiers. When they attacked, they would cruelly and mercilessly attack even women, children, and those who surrendered. Rumors of those misdeeds spread and they had become so feared that enemies lost the will to fight before the battle even began.

There had been a few skirmishes with the Sodom berserkers along the border, but this would be a real attack. Wanting to avoid war was only natural.

“P-please wait, Your Majesty!”

“Do that and the Sodom army will begin pouring into our queendom!”

“Courreges’s cities will be engulfed in flames.”

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Harem Caravan: Chapter 3 - The Rich Have Their Own Difficulties

“Now you’re just trying to take advantage of us.”

The journey was progressing smoothly.

They would buy specialty products in each region, load up the wagons, travel, and sell those products. Then they would buy more.

They were only repeating that simple process, but they were making plenty of money. And making money meant they could buy new wagons and hire new workers. Thanks to that, the scale of their business only continued to grow.

This success was of course thanks to Eulica. Today, like always, she held her left arm over her stomach, adjusted her gold monocle with her right hand, and proudly talked down the merchant they were doing business with.

Orfeo only had to stand silently behind her.

Eulica seemed to come alive when she was humoring, threatening, or negotiating with someone.

This merchant was an energetic middle-aged man, but Orfeo almost felt bad for him as he trembled, paled, and grew red as a woman young enough to be his daughter verbally trounced him.

(Eulica really does have two sides to her.)

Milk Princess: Chapter 5 - In the Milk Bath

“Excuse me, mother!”

Stella’s long, straight blonde hair fluttered behind her as she ran into Christina’s bedroom immediately after knocking. She pulled Akira in after her.

“What is all this noise about? …Oh, it’s Stella.”

The queen looked up in surprise from the book she had been enjoying while lying in bed wearing only a see-through negligee.

“And Akira too. What brings you two here so late?”

The lady set the book down on the bedside table and looked suspiciously at the princess who was awfully excited for this hour.

“Listen, mother! I’m finally started producing…milk!”

“My…is that true!?”

“Yes…it’s finally, finally happened…”

When the princess ran over and reported to her, Christina got out of bed and hugged her daughter’s slender body.

“Congratulations, Stella. Now you too are a proper adult.”

“Yes, thank you very much…”