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Magical Princess Makina: Another End 1 - The Innkeeper’s Bride is 30 Years His Junior

The name’s Wanderin’ Joe.

I’m your typical adventurer. Y’know, a guy who travels from town to town bounty hunting and treasure hunting.

But as your typical adventurer, I’d found myself lost yet again.

I found my way to a town, but there was nowhere to stay.

I just barely had enough gold to reach Wells, Village of Fire and Water, but there were no vacancies in the inns.

I guess everyone had the same idea. Adventurers were pouring in from all over after word got out they dug up some rare minerals in the Wells Volcano.

Every SOB hoping to strike it rich had filled up the cheap inns, so there I was stuck trying to find anywhere at all to spend the night.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m sleeping out in the cold tonight!”

Magical Princess Makina: Chapter 1 - The Beg-inn-ing

——This is the story of how I, a pure princess, began living a life of unrestrained sexuality.

The early summer wind raced across the field.

It carried the clanging of clashing swords. That was the auditory sign of an intense battle in which both sides risked their lives.


An ugly goblin summoned what strength he had left to raise his sword. His green body was covered in red blood and his legs were unsteady below him.

A hint of pity mixed with the readiness to kill in the black eyes of the adventurer boy who opposed him: Swordsman Tet. The boy’s black cape and hair fluttered in the wind as his sword decapitated the goblin. That was the last of the monsters they had run across.

He had no blood on him and his sword had not chipped. The sharp strike had not even given the goblin time for a death cry, so he demonstrated unparalleled skill for a teenager.

At the same time, his was a compassionate swordsman that did not provide any unnecessary suffering.

But that may have been a flaw. His fighting style could be seen as “soft”, which created openings.

One of the goblins Tet thought he had defeated had been playing dead on the ground and he aimed a crossbow at Tet’s back to avenge his beheaded friend.

He could kill the boy now. He was near death himself, but he could bring the boy down with him. The crossbow bolt would easily penetrate the adventurer’s light armor.

But just as the goblin prepared to pull the trigger…

“Frozen Lance.”

A thick ice lance pierced his green body.


The bolt remained in the crossbow and it was the goblin who was pierced through the back, not Tet.

“Thank you very much. You saved me, princess.”

When Tet saw the monster dying behind him, he realized the opening he had created and who had saved him.

“You are most welcome.”

It was a girl with long, wavy blonde hair, a triangular hat, and a magical staff. Makina walked over to him.

She no longer wore a dress. Instead, she wore a miniskirt for ease of movement and her smooth and plump thighs were visible below that.

Magical Princess Makina: Prologue

“Princess, you are far wilder than you look.”

The princess smiled bitterly at that comment from a guest as she picked up the purple ice.

It was nothing. This was a party to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Grandel Kingdom’s founding and a waiter had spilled some wine, so she had simply frozen it with magic.

She had only been trying to prevent her white dress, her long blonde hair, and the nearby officials’ and nobles’ clothes from being stained.

She disliked being thought of as “wild” just because she was a royal who used magic, but she also understood why they saw it that way.

This was a gathering of the upper class which did not need to use weapons or magic.

“It is unusual for a princess to be so talented in magic.”

“Not necessarily. Grandel was founded by a magical swordsman.”

“If our princess was enrolled in a magic school, she could easily graduate from the middle school level and enter the high school. She is about that age as well.”

“Come to think of it, it is her birthday today, isn’t it?”

“She just gets more and more beautiful every year.”

The princess assumed that noblewoman was simply flattering her, so she only nodded a little without really agreeing or disagreeing.

However, that assessment was accurate. Everyone was charmed by her long blonde hair, saw the beauty in her refined facial features, and could not keep their eyes off of the ample curves of her body. Although none of them allowed their lust to show on their face.

Novel Introduction: Magical Princess Makina

The Slutty Adventures of Magical Princess Makina (淫紋魔法姫マキナのビッチな冒険)

Author: Hayakawauka (ハヤカワウカ)

Illustrator: Zukky
Label: Beginning Novels (ビギニングノベルズ)

A princess loses her kingdom and is cursed with a magic spell that gives her one of those famous womb tattoos that makes her constantly horny. While journeying with her childhood friend to bring back their kingdom, she has various, well, slutty adventures behind his back.

So, yeah, it's NTR, but (in my opinion) the good kind of NTR: from the girl's POV and (mostly) consensual. This is an LN release of a WN and each chapter has a bonus alternate ending showing what would have happened if she stayed in each town instead of continuing her journey.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Wells, Village of Fire and Water
Another End 2: Harem Heroine of the Hot Spring Inn
Chapter 3: Wells Volcano Mine
Another End: The Miners’ Whore
Chapter 4: Banilanda’s Pub
Another End 4: Slutty Slutty Bunnies
Chapter 5: The Cat’s Collar Restaurant
Another End 5: The Restaurant’s Horny Waitress
Chapter 6: The Colossal Forest and the Hero’s Power
Another End 6: The Harem Heroines Want the Hero’s Babies
Chapter 7: The Forbidden Archive and the Book of Joseph
Another End 7: Unfaithful Women in the Forbidden Archive
Novel Original Chapter: Night of the Magical Princess and the Black Knight

Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls 2: Chapter 1 - Life and a New Job in the Succubus World

Warmth bordering on hot and a seductive stickiness surrounded his penis. The shaft was trapped in a narrow tube of sticky flesh that squeezed against it and produced a muffled wet sound while intensely massaging it.

“Nmhhh, nhh, slurp, hmh, suck.”

Her lips firmly held the base and she sweetly sucked at the fully-swollen cock each time she moved her head up and down. She used her tongue to carefully apply the saliva filling her mouth and some dripped from the slight gaps at the corners of her mouth to get on his crotch.

“Ah, hh, kh, wh-what the hell!?”

The pleasure was enough to daze him and melt his mind, but Kazuki finally managed to focus his thoughts. He responded to the carnal pleasure by looking down at his crotch…and then he gasped.

“Wh-wh-wh-what are y-y-y-y-y-you…”

“Nph, lick, gph, slurp, nh, pwah. Ahh, are you finally awake? Really, it’s always so hard to wake you up.”

The girl looked up at him and spoke while still sucking his dick. He recognized those displeased eyes, swaying black ponytail, and large breasts pushing out at the blouse.


Novel Introduction: Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls 2

Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls 2: I Started the Impregnation Massage (性感淫魔エステ2 種付けリフレはじめました )

Author: Takaoka Chikara (高岡智空)

Illustrator: Kusakami Akira (草上明)
Label: 2D Dream Bunko (二次元ドリーム文庫)

Here's the sequel to the first one. Kazuki is now living in the succubus world, so he has a new maid and is asked to search for a succubus who may hold the key to him knocking up more than just the one succubus. There isn't too much of the characters from the first one, unfortunately. They're in the third one more, though.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Stray Succubus in the Hot Spring Town
Chapter 3: Akaname Detox
Chapter 4: Impregnation Massage – Instruction
Chapter 5: Impregnation Massage – Practice

Author and Illustrator Comments:

Takaoka Chikara: It’s already been a year since I planned this out. I never thought it would be this long of a job. And after I got such wonderful character designs too. Sorry, please forgive me! I’ll do anything!!

Kusakami Akira: This time, these two will torment…uh, soothe everyone. The succubus salon is as intense as ever, but please relax and enjoy it.

The Two Dancing Blades: Chapter 1 - Master


Someone gave a sharp cry and raced forward.

She was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in her late teens whose short body was contained in a sleeveless outfit that left her shoulders, upper arms, and thighs exposed. She looked like a broadminded sort of person.

The wooden sword she held in both hands whipped up the wind as it roared out with impressive force.


The blow was blocked by a long black-haired woman in her early twenties. She had a unique atmosphere that caused everyone around her to stand up straight. Instead of a dress, she wore a knight’s outfit.

That meant a knee-length cloak that was skintight on the upper body. The bold slit along the sides allowed her long legs out. Those legs were contained in skintight pants, but the tailoring and fabric were both top notch.

She almost looked like she was crossdressing, but she only wore it because it allowed for easy movement and she had no intention of rejecting her feminine sex. 
As proof, she wore a ruby brooch at her chest.

When the two of them clashed, the crash of their wooden swords echoed up into the summer sky. The girl’s charge was deflected, but she recovered with monkey-like agility and started back in again.