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Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: Chapter 4 - The Succubus’s Misreading, the Human’s Result

(Is there something wrong with my body…?)

A week had passed since he was forced into some rough anal sex with Rumina and had just barely managed to survive. During that time, the general staff had started staring at and treating him in a way they had not before. They had fallen into the same state that Rumina had before. The state that Karen had called a trance.

When Kazuki showed up for the tester job, they would initially great him like normal. But as soon as they laid eyes on him, the color of those eyes would literally change, their breathing would grow heavy, they would ask him about his plans for the weekend, and they would suggest the two of them go somewhere.

(What a shame. That really was a shame. …Kh!)

Unfortunately, Karen had put a stop to that, but simply speaking with those women had hit him with the sex appeal flowing from them, making him as hard as he had ever been. If he had gone on a date with one of them, he was certain it would have crossed a line.

That said, Karen had a good reason for stopping it. Kazuki had accepted the tester job to win over a specific girl, so she would not let the other staff members interfere until that happened.

And on top of that…

“Every staff member here is a succubus like Rumina and me…so they’re drawn to your charm and your sexual flavor. They intend to suck you dry if they have a chance, so be careful, okay?”

That reminded Kazuki of Rumina’s situation recently, so it actually made a lot of sense to him. But at the same time, he was frightened by the fact that he had such an effect on those succubi.

(It wasn’t like this at the beginning… Is this due to the treatment too?)

That was one of the reasons he had noticed a change in himself recently, but the biggest reason was his condition ever since starting the sexual-release treatment.

Just like on that day with the anal sex, he was breaking his own record on a daily basis. And despite ejaculating so much, he barely felt exhausted the following day. In fact, only cumming five times was not enough to quell the throbbing and he was told he might have trouble at school the next day if he was dissatisfied, so he ended up asking Karen for further service.

That also helped the succubi and Karen and the other staff members thanked him profusely, so he had no problem with offering up his semen. His had such excellent quantity and quality that it had apparently become a popular brand in the succubus world. When he received thank-you messages from the residents there, he felt something like an idol.

(Well, it’s actually more like being a milk cow. But still…)

Instead of finding his exhaustion building, he found his muscles strengthening and his mind sharpening. He sometimes helped out sports teams, but his results were so excellent now that they seriously asked him to join the team.

Was his increased lust being converted into energy for his body?

(It may not be a problem, but…)

He was aware this was odd, but since it had no negative effects, he took advantage of it in both athletics and his studies. And that was all to help resolve the reason he had taken the tester job in the first place: confessing to Juri.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Harem Caravan: Chapter 1 - Son of a Great Merchant

“Wow, look at that huge fountain!”

A girl with her red hair in a side ponytail expressed her admiration for the pillar of water that seemed to rise toward heaven.

She was around 15 and her entire body was brimming with energy.

The fountain alone was not enough to satisfy the incredibly lively-looking girl, so she started looking restlessly around while raising shrill cries at everything she saw.

“Those are azalea flowers. And those are bougainvillea. Oh, those are oleander!”

“Torié, please stop making a scene. The guards are laughing.”

Another girl of the same age clearly wanted to pretend she did not know the first girl, but she finally ran out of patience and scolded her.

She had long, pale blonde hair with a gray hairband at her forehead hairline to keep the bangs out of her eyes.

She had an abacus stored at her stomach as if to show it off and a seemingly fussy personality oozed from her.

“C’mon, Lena. It’s your first time in the castle too. Aren’t you impressed by this amazing garden!?”

They both wore matching uniforms. It was the uniform of the Legins Company, one of the continent’s top merchant companies.

The Legins Company was known for its service to the Domos Kingdom. They sold everything from the princess’s underwear to the latest in military weaponry.

This was the Domos Kingdom’s secondary capital of Curling.

Novel Introduction: Harem Caravan

Next up in the Harem Series is a sequel of sorts to the Harem Dynast story:

Harem Caravan (ハーレムキャラバン)

Author: Takeuchi Ken (竹内けん)
Illustrator: Nanami Ayane (七海綾音)
Label: 2D Dream Bunko (二次元ドリーム文庫)

Some time has passed since the events of Harem Dynast, so Lorent and Ansandra have a teenage daughter and Lucy has a teenage son. The story follows that son who is childhood friends with the princess and has been placed in charge of a merchant caravan full of beautiful girls and women.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Below the Journey’s Sky
Chapter 3: The Rich Have Their Own Difficulties
Chapter 4: The Princess’s Secret
Chapter 5: That Which Cannot be Bought with Money
Chapter 6: The Princess Loves Passionate Affairs

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Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: Chapter 3 - No Little Sister is Stronger (Lewder) Than Her Big Sister

“If you have an excuse, I’m willing to listen.”

Karen smiled, but Kazuki could not say anything as he sat on the floor. Rumina was equally silent while she sat next to him, but she puffed out her cheeks to express her displeasure.

“Since you have nothing to say for yourselves, I will have to lecture you.”

Karen glanced over at Rumina, breathed a somewhat troubled sigh, and opened her mouth.

“I’ll start with Rumina. How could you do that without checking first? What if it was some other customer instead of Kazuki-san? Do you have any idea how much trouble that would have caused?”

“…I do, but I could tell from the smell.”

“At least check his file…”

She pressed her fingers against her temples as if to alleviate a headache, frowned, and sighed.

“Anyway, you’re still in training, so please avoid providing treatments on your own. Really, I hate to think what would have happened if that wasn’t Kazuki-san…”

“If it wasn’t, I bet I could’ve gotten their semen without revealing my identity.”

That must have brought back the memories because Rumina drooled and glanced over at Kazuki’s crotch. Karen noticed, so she glared at the girl and tugged up on her ear.

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Harem Dynast Part 2: Afterword

[Note: This Afterword is from the original version. The rereleased version has no Afterword.]

That concludes the Kingdom Conquered by the Golden Dragon. I am truly thankful to the people who read Part 1 and looked forward to Part 2 (I hope there are lots of those), to Senbata Rou-san who provided such wonderful illustrations, and to Okada-san, my editor who spent so much time on the phone with such an impolite author.

Now, what did you think of it? I would be honored if you enjoyed it and I hope you will pick up any future books you find with my name on them. (And you can enjoy the superiority of having discovered me first).

If you are angry because you read both volumes and did not enjoy them at all, then I must apologize. That is due to my lack of ability. I will improve my skills in the future, so please do not abandon me and buy my next book as a form of charity. You might be able to enjoy them once I improve and you might even be rewarded in paradise (or heaven or your destination of choice) after you die.

Let’s see…I have 4 pages this time around, so to fill space, I think I’ll write a bit about the development of these books.

Harem Dynast Part 2: Chapter 6 - The Dragon Heads to the Central Plain

“Heh. Who would have thought the greatest kingdom of the central plain could fall so quickly?”

The urban battle had settled down and all organized resistance from Clanaria’s army had ceased.

Domos King Lorent boldly rode Black Flame Hair down Curling’s main road to demonstrate that fact.

Dominic rode alongside him on a chestnut-hair horse and they were followed by 12 messenger officers. Behind them was Ansandra’s carriage drawn by 6 horses and 300 knights under Lorent’s direct command.

That city was one of the most prosperous on the continent and it was known as the City of White Walls and Flowers, but it was covered in flames and smoke, the white walls were stained dark red, and its colorful flowers had been trampled.

The thick clouds in the sky looked ready to weep at any time, but the first drop never seemed to come.

That felt like a perfect representation of Ansandra’s mental state on this return to her home kingdom.

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Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls: Chapter 2 - Why the Succubi are Working Away From Home

“A s-succubus?”

When Kazuki repeated her statement while seated on the edge of the bed, Karen blushed a bit and nodded while seated next to him. She had wings on her back, pointed ears, and a long tail growing from near her tailbone. With the swimsuit, it looked like some kind of cosplay, but this was not special makeup or accessories and the wings and tail were clearly growing from her body.

“I know you will find it hard to believe, but it’s true. …Each year, a few of us will work here. We come from a world that exists alongside this one…a demon world, I guess you could call it.”

She went on to explain that this was her second year in this world, so she had been in contact with human culture enough to find it a bit embarrassing to call her home a demon world. Whatever the case, he kind of had to believe her after seeing the wings and tail for himself. That meant there really was somewhere like a demon world where a bunch of succubi lived.

“But why would succubi leave their world to come to our-…wait, it can’t be!”

Stories with this sort of setting were often about an invasion from another world, but Karen must have sensed his alarm because she quickly waved her hands to deny it.

“N-n-no! Um…It is true our world is facing a number of problems…and we are visiting here to resolve them. But…”

“What kind of problems? And how are you resolving them…?”

He was not sure if he should ask, but she seemed to think it made sense to explain it all now that he had seen her true form. She nodded and answered him.

“To put it simply, we are working away from home.”