Saturday, February 18, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Chapter 1 - Beginning of a New Season

Where…am I?

Mutsuki all of a sudden found himself standing there.

He was in the middle of a green-filled forest he had never seen before. The maple and zelkova leaves were such a bright green that he narrowed his eyes. A fresh breeze stroked his cheeks.

The thick underbrush and flowers grew tall and caught the gentle sunlight. Was it springtime? The sun was comfortably warm and made him feel a little sweaty.

Nearby was a well-leveled field likely meant to grow wheat. It must have been harvested a season before because straw was piled up nearby.

His nose detected the warm and sweet scent of crushed wheat and the sharp smell of damp earth.

(Where…in the world am I?)

The idyllic world actually made him nervous.

Where was he? Why was he here?

Fujita Mutsuki was confused about everything, but…

“What are you zoning out for?”


An impolite tackle hit him from behind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Harem Dynast Part 1: Chapter 5 - Morning of the Wedding

“Long live Queen Ansandra!”

Cries of joy and celebration echoed across the gray stone walls and into the blue of the early morning sky.

This was the Domos royal capital of Fenrir.

On the royal palace’s thick stone balcony, the king held the Queen in his arm and introduced her to the kingdom.

In the sunlight of the northern kingdom’s short summer, Ansandra had the radiant beauty to match Lorent’s good looks, so the Domos people were more than satisfied emotionally.

And on a rational front, they celebrated the incalculable blessings she was sure to bring from the great neighboring kingdom of Clanaria.

For this bright day, Ansandra wore a wedding dress made so much silk and lace that it had supposedly taken 20 Clanarian weavers half a year to make.

The low-cut chest showed off her smooth throat, the curves of her shoulders, and her pretty collarbones. She gave off the kind of allure found in only the most beautiful girls and women.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adolescent Adam 6: Prologue

[View Record…Begin]

“We will now begin the artificial demon cell transplant and implantation for Phase 3 of the Bioroid Plan.”

“Beginning analysis of specimen structure…positive.”

“Analysis of cellular spirituality structure complete. Checking similarity to demon…positive.”

“Turning Target Specimen 01 into Adam-affiliated guardian angel.”

“Permanent Name: Ange…positive.”


The girl felt something pressing down on her body, so she sprang up to throw it off of her before she even fully woke.

She used her entire slender and athletic body like a spring. Her momentum outdid whatever was pressing down on her and it scattered.

Even as it scattered, it clung stickily to her body.

(That was-…Wh-what is this?)

It was a liquid. It was sticky like honey. Only then did she realize she was soaking in some kind of tank instead of lying in her bed.

She was not wearing any clothes, leaving her in her birthday suit.

But before she could feel any embarrassment, she noticed something else that made her forget even the fluid defiling her pearl-white skin.

(What…is this? In my throat…whep.)

There was something in her mouth. It was hard…and cylindrical.

She tried to spit it out but could not.

Novel Introduction: Adolescent Adam 6

Onto the sixth novel: Adolescent Adam 6: Juvenile Attack (思春期なアダム6 幼生期の襲撃).

The story continues with Ren transferring back into Mutsuki's school and a Kurosaki family plot underway in the background.

Author: Sakakikasa (さかき傘)
Illustrator: Amagai Yukino (天海雪乃)
Label: Atomic Bunko (あとみっく文庫)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Arrival of Student Council President Shirohara Ren
Chapter 3: Dark Visit
Chapter 4: A Distant Yet Close Pair
Chapter 5: Juvenile Ange
Chapter 6: Juvenile Attack
Chapter 7: And onto the Cultural Festival

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Harem Dynast Part 1: Chapter 4 - Impossible Dream

“So my next target is the central plain kingdom of Clanaria…”

While Ansandra’s powerful sense of responsibility had her shut in a dark room and struggling with thoughts about Clanaria and Domos’s future, the man who had taken her chastity was speaking to himself in a windy outdoor space.

Domos’s royal capital of Fenrir was a stone-built mountain fortress, but the very top level was an open-air room.

The roofs and trees of the castle town were visible all around him and the gentle waves of the mountain peaks towered above. The beauty of the sunlight shining off of the snowcapped mountains was one of the Domos people’s few sources of pride.

Lorent was not the type to enjoy that view, but when he had some spare time but not enough to travel, he had a habit of staring into the distance instead of holing up inside.

The people who knew his nature suspected he felt like he was looking down on the world from the heavens.

The curtain of night had fallen and the breathtaking mountains could not be seen, but as he stood there in only a thin robe, the light of the stars scattered across the sky like the contents of a jewelry box poured down as a silver shower.

The scents of several flowers and trees filled the air, the night wind flirted with his skin, and the chirping of bugs reached his ears.

Domos’s nights were known to be cold even during the summer. It would likely be chilly to residents of warm Clanaria, but Lorent found it pleasantly warm.

No resident of Domos would claim to hate this season and Lorent was no exception.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adolescent Adam 5: Afterword

Hello. It seems to be an Adolescent Adam tradition to release a summer story during the winter. It was school swimsuits in Volume 2 and it’s a camping trip here. This is Sakakikasa.

Yes, a camping trip. The kind of camping trip where you go fishing and never catch a single fish. The kind of camping trip where you make a ton of curry because you want a lot of food but end up throwing a bunch away. The kind of camping trip where the person who brings the Pringles is everyone’s hero. The kind of camping trip where it’s surprisingly cold in the morning. The kind of camping trip where your favorite souvenir is the weird kind of drink you found at the vending machine near the campground.

This volume was about Mutsuki and the others enjoying their youth like that. How did you like it? Everyone was full of energy, weren’t they? Especially Saya, Mutsuki, and Lucia. I wrote Saya’s character with no plan whatsoever and she’s turned into a pretty interesting girl.

Amagai-sama, thank you for the lovely designs this time as well. This was our first look at Ange and Machina’s casual clothes and they were really cute.

Until we meet again.

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 8 - The Door Has Opened

Even in the morning, night, or evening, FeTUS headquarters was filled with the gentle light of day.

Once again, Miss A, aka Miss Alice, sat in a white wooden chair during her teatime.

She was alone today as she enjoyed a Darjeeling.


Due to the humidity, the tea’s color was a bit dark.

It had not been brewed perfectly, but the slight changes from day to day were one of the highlights of tea. She took a sip and savored the somewhat stronger flavor.

It was a little too bitter, so she returned the cup to its saucer and picked up her fork.

Today’s tea cake was a castella. She scooped up a small piece and carried it to her mouth.


The sweet flavor spread through her mouth.

At the same time, the strong smell of bitter melon stung her nose.

“Bitter melon castella? …This will not serve as a teacake.”

Her childish face wrinkled as she washed the flavor down with the Darjeeling.

She then leaned back in her chair.

The sunlight was perfect for a comfortable nap, so she calmly closed her eyes.


But then she opened them and reached into her skirt pocket.

She pulled out a ribbon. A neatly balled-up ribbon. She straightened it out and removed just the right scrunchie of the two in her hair.

She brushed her long honey-colored hair by hand and tied it in place with the ribbon.

It was a cheap ribbon with a bear character printed on it.

Miss Alice smiled slightly.