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Adolescent Adam 8: Chapter 1 - Land of Utter Madness

The girl’s heart pounded in her chest as she was given permission to temporarily leave the room.

She rushed to the bathroom and straightened her posture.

“Make it quick.”

“O-of course, Riselle-san.”

The girl, Kisaragi, was not free to use the bathroom whenever she wanted. She was only allowed when Riselle gave her permission.

But she still wanted to calm herself from the fear she felt from that trainer man named Shibaki.

Maid uniforms were supposed to be designed for utility, but the dress she had been given was an exception.

The black pleated skirt had wires inside to lift it in an unnatural fan shape and the top was short enough to leave her navel bare. The low-cut chest was open out to the shoulders and the minimal fabric on the upper arms tugged down on it when she walked, making it feel like the whole top would fall down.

Or maybe it was designed for utility, just the kind of utility needed in this leisure facility…no, this brothel.

But this was only her second day here, so she was still embarrassed to show off so much skin. She was constantly fighting to keep the skirt down and the top up.


Her hand came to a stop when she caught a glimpse of the soft, white lines of her chest.

Her cheeks flushed as she viewed her own body again. She had small but shapely breasts. She had a somewhat plump, almost stumpy, body shape, but that gave her butt a nice round shape. And inside the sexy black underwear below the white skirt, there was a crevice…

Adolescent Adam 8: Prologue - Where the Kurosaki Family Lives

The man’s name was Shibaki.

He was not all that smart a man, but at the age of 40, he had begun to dabble in philosophy. What did people think about? Why was he here? He was engrossed in those mildly tricky questions he had never considered while younger.

After dyeing his hair in middle school to look like a certain entertainer, he had quickly fallen away from the straight and narrow. It had started with no more than smoking cigarettes, but the classes in high school were much too tiresome for him and he dropped out after a year and a half. From there, he had started a minor gang where he earned enough to live off of through phone scams and cheating at pachinko by modifying the machines.

He had had seven friends working with him at the time, but not one of them was still with him. Two had apparently taken a high school graduation equivalency exam and became insignificant office workers, but three had overdosed on drugs and damaged their heart or brain and the final two had been out of touch for a decade after some rumors that they had taken out life insurance policies.

Shibaki had lived comfortably to the age of 40, but only because he had been lucky.

He had always been fairly attractive and he had a knack for picking up on the subtle moods of a partner, so he was popular with women. He was confident in his skills in bed and he was confident he could live for quite a while just by sponging off of a lonely woman or an unfulfilled wealthy married woman.

Novel Introduction: Adolescent Adam 8

The final two volumes of Adolescent Adam have finally been released, so it's time for the beginning of the end:
Adolescent Adam 8: Changing World (思春期なアダム 変わる世界)

The story picks back up with Mutsuki captured by the Kurosaki Family and it doesn't take long to remind us of Japan's obsession with using fat ugly guys in porn. I will never understand why you wouldn't want everyone in your porn to be hot, but it is what it is.

Author: Sakakikasa (さかき傘)
Illustrator: Amagai Yukino (天海雪乃)
Label: Atomic Bunko (あとみっく文庫)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Haramiya Koishi
Chapter 3: Possessor of the Serpent’s Eye
Chapter 4: A World of Change
Chapter 5: That Which Changes, Is Thrown Out, and Remains
Chapter 6: Heat
Chapter 7: With Adam, With Lilith
Chapter 8: The End of Adolescence and the Beginning of Completion
Chapter 9: Changing World


The Two Dancing Blades: Chapter 2 - Encounter

“Ahh, this feels great. I’m so glad I took this journey.”

As Millia climbed a mountain path surrounded by dark green trees, a field of flowers came into view.

She innocently rejoiced and immediately flopped down into the flowers where she sprawled out in the bright sun.

Her eyes were as deep a blue as the summer sky and her youthful cheeks were adorable. Anyone would agree she was an attractive girl, but her grooming and clothing worked against that.

Her hair would have glowed like gold if she only combed it, but she left it lazily cut at shoulder length, she did not look after it beyond washing it, and it looked like not even a comb could tame it. She used a wrapped cord around her forehead to keep it out of her eyes.

She wore a faded sleeveless outfit with only a leather protector over her chest. The short skirt gave a view of her plump legs and the soft cloth covering her crotch came into view when it fluttered in the wind.

Millia preferred that loincloth to anything as fancy as panties. She liked how she could tighten it to help focus herself on a task.

Her only weapon was a midsized sword at her hip and her only armor was the leather protector over her chest. The stomach was a weak point for a human, or any animal, but she left hers unguarded as a sign of confidence.

She wore a leather cape on her back and leather hiking boots on her feet. She had wrapped some hemp cloth around her arms to help guard them, but her healthy upper arms and thighs were left exposed.

It all gave her a rough appearance, but that was exactly who she was. That may have made her a stereotypical female mercenary.

She was lightly equipped for a warrior, but almost all female warriors were lightweight fighters. They could not hope to match the men in pure strength, so they made up for it with speed. That forced them to be equipped more lightly and a lot of them also used magic to fight.

“Hm, hmm, hm. Ahh, this is the life.”

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Magical Princess Makina: Another End 2 - Harem Heroine of the Hot Spring Inn

Wells, Village of Fire and Water

Makina and Tet had visited that village while pursuing the sorcerer who had destroyed the Grandel Kingdom.

After hearing rumors of a suspicious man spotted deep in the mountain streams area, they had invited an adventurer named Tact to join their party and set out on a monster slaying quest.

But they never accomplished anything more than slaying the Poison Frogs.

They had not found anything in the area near the Cleansing Basin.

Either their information had been bogus or the man had already moved on because they did not find anyone like that dark sorcerer.

They were back to square one.

But Tet had not given up.

“I will go ask around in the slums.”

“Sure. I’ll ask around in a pub I frequent to see if anyone knows anything. Be careful out there, Tet.”

“Of course! Take care of things there, Tact!”

“Just leave it to me, bro.”

Magical Princess Makina: Chapter 2 - Wells, Village of Fire and Water

The sun was shining overhead, but it was beginning to set in the west. It was well into the afternoon and the heat was beginning to die down.

Tet and Makina took a break on the bank of a pure stream flowing through the plains.

They sat on a rounded rock and checked their map.

“At this pace, we should reach the next village before sunset, Prin-…Makina.”

“Hee hee. You can call me that when it’s just the two of us. I know you can’t help yourself, Tet.”

“I am very sorry.”

“Anyway, are you thirsty? I could go gather some water.”

“I will do that!”

“No, no. I’m an adventurer now, so no special treatment. Please wait here. And I would like to cool off my feet while I am at it.”

“U-understood. Be careful.”

Erogenous Beauty Salon by Succubus Girls 2: Chapter 2 - Stray Succubus in the Hot Spring Town

“Okay. I hope this is the right place, so let’s start the search.”

Kazuki looked around in a somewhat rundown hot spring town a few trains away from his hometown. Unpaved roads ran down either side of a central river. The upstream area was lined with hot spring inns and the downstream area had more souvenir shops and restaurants.

Kazuki walked downstream from the inn area while remember Karen’s explanation of why he was searching for the runaway succubus here.

“Hot spring towns always have plenty of soap lands, strip clubs, and the like

Since a lot of men would be looking forward to visiting such an establishment, they would be walking around horny. A succubus would be able to approach them and satisfy those desires to get the semen she needed to survive outside the succubus world.

Kazuki had thought a more famous hot spring area or red-light district would be better, but surprisingly, human psychology played a major role there.

“In more well-known areas, men are reluctant to accept a proposition made out on the street.”