Monday, August 13, 2018

Harem Caravan: Chapter 2 - Below the Journey’s Sky

“Good morning.”

Orfeo opened his eyes in the morning to see almond-shaped eyes with long eyelashes.

“Hm!? …Ah.”

Surprised, he tried to escape, but a cold hand firmly held his penis.

“Look how hard you are even after cumming so much last night.”

The beautiful smile belonged to Silvia.

It all came rushing back to Orfeo: Last night, he had become one with this pretty young woman and ejaculated more times than he could remember. He must have fallen asleep after that.

That pleasurable experience sounded like a dream, but her presence here was undeniable proof that it had been real.

With her right hand still holding his morning wood, Silvia held the boy’s shoulder with her other hand and moved her face to his ear.

“I had heard young boys were incredibly intense lovers. It seems I heard correctly.”

“W-wait, um…please don’t stroke it.”

She ignored Orfeo’s plea and gently massaged his manhood with her delicate hand. The pleasure caused his entire body (save one part) to go limp.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Milk Princess: Chapter 4 - The Princess’s First Milking

“Um…what is this…?”

Christina simply could not take any time away from her official duties during the day, so she had invited Akira to dinner. He was shown to the dining room, but his seat had been moved.

Specifically, it was moved right next to Rosemary and she told him to hurry when he came to a stop.

“What are you doing? Just sit already.”

She acted like nothing was amiss, so he did not ask any further questions and hesitantly sat down next to her.

“Oh, dear. No fair, Mary. Maybe I should sit next to Akira today too.”

The queen stood up with a mischievous smile and the maids carried her gorgeously-adorned seat next to the boy.

“You’re not allowed, mother! Ah, Sherris, stop that.”

“These are Her Majesty’s instructions…”

Rosemary’s protests rang hollow as the queen gave off plenty of sex appeal and let her prized tits jiggle as she walked over and sat next to Akira.

With Christina on his right, Rosemary on his left, and Stella across from him, the seating arrangement felt very different. Especially because the woman and girl on either side of him scooted their chairs close and leaned in so their shoulders touched.

“Mother…and Mary too? What is going on?”

Stella stared suspiciously at her mother and younger sister who were leaning against the boy far more than necessary. Christina had already been spoiling him, but the change in Rosemary’s attitude shocked both the older princess and Akira himself.

“Okay, Akira. Say ‘ah’.”

“Mother. I will do that, so please do not interfere.”

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Curse Eater: Third Seal - Sex Dream Doll

A song name appeared on the large screen and the intro began to play.

“That’s the song I requested. Okay, Yuka, let’s sing it together!”

“D-do I really have to sing too…?”

Saki was overflowing with confidence and Yuka stood next to her holding a microphone with a mixture of embarrassment and tension on her face. She tensed up while exposed to their classmates’ eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’m with you.”

The transfer student girl put her arm around the shoulders of this friend she was in a sexual relationship with and she easily cleared the first high note. Her beautiful voice filled the room.

“It’s our class’s songstress: Tokky!”

“You sing too, Class Rep! I wish I could sing a lovey-dovey duet like that

Yuka joined in for the duet part while the other girls in their class cheered them on.

They were in a room at one of the city’s karaoke boxes.

Around a dozen schoolgirls were gathered there to throw a welcome party for Tokiwagi Saki.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Milk Princess: Chapter 3 - Milky Hospitality

“Akira, I baked these…”

It was the customary afternoon teatime. The royal family had to be busy, but the three of them would always gather during midday and invite him to lunch.

Even after what he had done for them, he could not believe that the royal family was sharing a meal with a foreign commoner on a daily basis. It showed just how much emphasis the queendom placed on hospitality.

“Eh? What are these…?”

He sat across from the queen with the princesses to either side. Akira tensed up like usual when a maid served him a silver plate covered with a paper sheet. It contained a pile of freshly-baked cookies.

“I hope they are to your liking…”

The boy looked over in surprise and Stella bashfully lowered her head. These were a princess’s homemade cookies. She seemed like the type to have had a pure and sheltered upbringing, so he had trouble imagining her standing in the kitchen.

“I really wanted to serve you my milk…but I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t started yet…so I thought I could bake you these instead…”

Milk Princess: Chapter 2 - First Time With the Queen

“…Nh, nh…hmm…?”

After cumming thrice from the head maid’s passionate titjob, Akira had fallen asleep almost immediately. The bed in the room prepared for him was luxurious and amazingly comfortable compared to the hard, worn-out bed he usually used. He wanted to keep lying in it forever.

But for some reason, he felt a wet and warm sensation at his lower body. The odd feeling interrupted his sleep and forcibly dragged his mind back to reality.

“Wait, eh!? Wh-why!?”

When he rubbed his heavy eyelids and looked to his crotch, he found the source of the feeling.

“Good morning, Sir Akira.”

The head maid looked up at him with a gentle smile, but for some reason, his underwear was pulled down to his knees and his morning wood was held firmly in her hand.

“R-right…good morning…wait, what are you doing!?”

“Milking you, of course. I came to wake you and found you were already hard again after last night. And what kind of milkmaid would I be if I did not suck you off immediately? …Ahm, kiss…”

Monday, July 9, 2018

Curse Eater: Second Seal - Sex Fluid Butterfly

“Pant, pant, pant, pant…”

A girl’s sweet but scratchy moans reverberated through a luxury apartment’s bathroom.

“You came so much… That must have felt great, Yuka.”

After completing the God Entertainment ceremony and calming the Sex God’s arousal within the vessel girl’s body, Saki whispered in her flushed classmate’s ear.

“Yes…ahhh, Saki-san…”

When the Curse Eater buried those heated cheeks in her large breasts, the possessed girl let out a cry of ecstasy. Saki and Yuka lay naked next to each other on a large air mat laid out on the bathroom floor and they enjoyed each other’s intimacy while basking in the afterglow of pleasure.

After nearly two hours, Saki’s kind and persistent handjobs had brought the pleasure to the limit and sent an unbelievable amount of white milkiness surging from the penis-shaped Sex God. With its arousal calmed, it began to disappear.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Milk Princess: Chapter 1 - Royal Milk Tea

“Oh… I so wanted to see you, my adorable daughters!”

A noble lady stood from a throne decorated with glasswork and tortoiseshell and ran toward the girls who were approaching her.


One dove into her open arms and the other approached in embarrassment. The beautiful woman in a pure white dress tightly hugged the two of them.

A cheer filled the audience chamber.

“Welcome back, princesses!”

“Thank the goddess you are safe…”

The high-ranking officials and knight leaders applauded the mother-daughter reunion.

Akira kneeled amid it all. He looked up at the ceiling far overhead and knew all too well he did not belong here. A long line of bright red carpet ran along the center of the floor and soft sunlight shined in through the stained glass. Had he not been so overwhelmed by everything else, he would have been shocked to find the stained glass depicted a goddess with prominently bared breasts.

Filled with a different kind of tension from when he helped the princesses escape, an odd sweat soaked his brow and back.