Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adolescent Adam 5: Afterword

Hello. It seems to be an Adolescent Adam tradition to release a summer story during the winter. It was school swimsuits in Volume 2 and it’s a camping trip here. This is Sakakikasa.

Yes, a camping trip. The kind of camping trip where you go fishing and never catch a single fish. The kind of camping trip where you make a ton of curry because you want a lot of food but end up throwing a bunch away. The kind of camping trip where the person who brings the Pringles is everyone’s hero. The kind of camping trip where it’s surprisingly cold in the morning. The kind of camping trip where your favorite souvenir is the weird kind of drink you found at the vending machine near the campground.

This volume was about Mutsuki and the others enjoying their youth like that. How did you like it? Everyone was full of energy, weren’t they? Especially Saya, Mutsuki, and Lucia. I wrote Saya’s character with no plan whatsoever and she’s turned into a pretty interesting girl.

Amagai-sama, thank you for the lovely designs this time as well. This was our first look at Ange and Machina’s casual clothes and they were really cute.

Until we meet again.

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 8 - The Door Has Opened

Even in the morning, night, or evening, FeTUS headquarters was filled with the gentle light of day.

Once again, Miss A, aka Miss Alice, sat in a white wooden chair during her teatime.

She was alone today as she enjoyed a Darjeeling.


Due to the humidity, the tea’s color was a bit dark.

It had not been brewed perfectly, but the slight changes from day to day were one of the highlights of tea. She took a sip and savored the somewhat stronger flavor.

It was a little too bitter, so she returned the cup to its saucer and picked up her fork.

Today’s tea cake was a castella. She scooped up a small piece and carried it to her mouth.


The sweet flavor spread through her mouth.

At the same time, the strong smell of bitter melon stung her nose.

“Bitter melon castella? …This will not serve as a teacake.”

Her childish face wrinkled as she washed the flavor down with the Darjeeling.

She then leaned back in her chair.

The sunlight was perfect for a comfortable nap, so she calmly closed her eyes.


But then she opened them and reached into her skirt pocket.

She pulled out a ribbon. A neatly balled-up ribbon. She straightened it out and removed just the right scrunchie of the two in her hair.

She brushed her long honey-colored hair by hand and tied it in place with the ribbon.

It was a cheap ribbon with a bear character printed on it.

Miss Alice smiled slightly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 7 - Outside Door

They took it easy the next day.

“As the divine messenger of protecting nature, I am strictly opposed to barbarically capturing animals by having them swallow hooks.”

Sakae seemed to have given up on fishing, so he went into the mountains instead.

“I need to do some searching. It’s nothing important, though. And you…don’t leave Satowa’s side this time.”

For some reason, Ange gave Mutsuki a scary look and went into the mountains too.

“I am going shopping. We are out of mayonnaise.”

Machina left the mountains for the time being.

“That spot has the greatest concentration of demonic energy. Call me if you need anything.”

Lucia took a nap on the large rock by the river he had also climbed onto the day before.

Mutsuki followed Ange’s advice by staying where he could see Lucia while he washed everyone’s changes of clothes and hung them up to dry.

Once he had time, he decided to gather some edible plants in order to make a nutritious dinner instead of the unhealthy lineup of barbecue and cup noodles.

Saya went with him, although she was unusually low energy after overheating in the bath the night before.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 6 - In the Boy’s Bath

Meanwhile, in the boy’s bath.

“Phew… I’ll be getting out soon.”


“Yeah, I want to do some night fishing. I can’t let the fish win.”

“Ah ha ha. Don’t catch cold, okay?”

Their friend was enjoying the camping trip so much he left the bath after only 5 minutes, so Mutsuki and Lucia were alone together.

They leaned against the edge of the bath and let the water warm them.

They could hear the girls making a lot of noise in the girl’s bath, but the boys were taking it easy.

Mutsuki placed his towel on his head, soaked half of his body in the water, and stared up into the starry sky.


Lucia leaned up against him.

It seemed like a shame to stick so close together in such a large bath, but Lucia liked doing this.

And Mutsuki had no problem with this kind of intimacy.

“You seem to be in a good mood.”

“Am I?”

“You’ve been full of energy ever since we got here, Lucia-kun.”

He asked what had been on his mind.

Lucia looked troubled for a bit before finally deciding “screw it”.

“The thing is… Here.”

“What is this? …Wah!”

Mutsuki lifted his hand from the bath and screamed when he saw what he held.

It was a blood red amoeba that wriggled and gave off a unique light. It was a Succubus, a type of demon.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Harem Dynast Part 1: Chapter 3 - The Conqueror’s Queen

“You are Domos King Lorent…?”

Ansandra was in a stupor as Dominic pulled on her hand and guided her to a dimly-lit room with magic orbs floating in it. She was mercilessly thrown inside.

The Princess thought her mind would burn out from the humiliating treatment, but she realized she had been thrown onto a red carpet thick enough to bury her hands.

Once she realized what that meant, she looked up.

As she lay collapsed on the floor, she saw a large man sitting in a large chair.

She had never been here before, but she could tell this was the audience chamber.

That had to be the royal throne.

She received a short response to her question.


She shuddered at the cold tone and focused her eyes.

The man sitting solidly in the sturdy-looking throne was resting his head in his hand and his upper body was entirely bare. His lower body was hidden by a gorgeous scarlet blanket.

(This is my husband…)

Any woman would be interested in the man who was to be her husband. Ansandra did not have it in her to get up from the floor, but she did stare at the man.

He was nothing like she had expected, but there were some similarities in a good way.

He was a wild-looking and muscular man who gave of a manly scent.

He had a masculine face, sharp eyes, a somewhat pointed chin, a thick neck, broad shoulders, a solid chest, and the height to match. He had a well-balanced build.

His body could be perfectly compared to tempered steel.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 5 - In the Girl’s Bath

Hello. My name is Kurikara Saya.

I’m a Virgo, my blood is type-B, and I’m left-handed. My favorite foods are karaage and fried chicken. My least favorite are every kind of vegetable. My friends call me Saaya.

My hobbies are anything that keeps me moving. That’s why I’m the pitcher of the softball team. Oh, and eating, I guess. I like meat more than sweets.

The person that’s caught my interest lately is…Satowa-kun.

He’s the super pretty boy who suddenly transferred in during spring. He’s so cool and cute that I bet he’s already an idol or something. …But I care more about that stuff he’s just oozing with

What would you call it? Aesthetics?

It’s too much to bear! And he’s always flirting with Fujita-kun, who doesn’t stand out much but has a hidden fan base because of his gentle aura! They’re definitely doing it! I just know it!

But you know what? There’s someone else I’ve been thinking about even more than them lately: Ange-chan

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Adolescent Adam 5: Chapter 4 - Day and Night at the Campground

“Listen, Mutsuki.”


“I am your bodyguard. And an incredibly skilled one at that.”


“So I will protect you while doing my very best not to violate your freedom. That is my job.”

“That’s right.’

“Hanging out with a FeTUS member and a demon is insane, but I will go with you because it is my job. Humans are skilled at playing, resting, and other forms of self-indulgence, so this should help relieve some stress. Your stress.”