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Harem Dynast Part 2: Chapter 2 - Magic Obsessed Princess

“Everyone, I brought us a new kitten to play with.”

Around ten girls were hanging around in Naja’s encampment for the flying dragon unit.

They were the leaders of the unit, making them Naja’s aides.

They all looked a lot like Naja. They were beautiful muscular girls with dark-tanned skin. They wore leather clothing, but to lower the weight for the dragons, it barely covered any of their skin and was so thin and skintight that the bumps of their nipples and shape of their secret slit showed through.

“Eh? Wait, isn’t that His Majesty’s new girl?”

“Right, right. It’s the Clanarian princess who stole mistress’s man from her.”

“Oh, Mistress Naja. Are you finally beginning your direct attack on your rival? I wouldn’t want anything less from my mistress.”

“Underhanded and treacherous. That’s our mistress.”

“That’s always how it is when a woman is thrown out by her man. Even though taking revenge on the other woman won’t bring back your lost love. It’s the sad nature of women.”

Harem Dynast Part 2: Chapter 1 - Those who are Granted the Conqueror’s Love

“We won..? W-we won, we actually won… Is this what I have wrought…!?”

A beautiful princess in a blue dress and lighter blue cloak stepped out of a carriage onto unsteady legs.

She had been born the second princess of Clanaria and she had become queen of Domos. The blue of her eyes seemed to have faded as she viewed the scene around her.

This northern road connected Domos to Clanaria. Now that the storm had passed, that bright land was covered in the corpses of men and horses as far as the eye could see.

The 12,000 of Domos’s army had clashed head on with the 30,000 of Clanaria’s in the Battle of Corlal Field and – against almost all expectations – Domos had won a crushing victory.

Clanaria’s army had been overwhelmingly larger, but that was exactly why they had grown careless.

Or perhaps they had been anxious due to their battle with neighboring Exstar a few months before, even if they had won there.

It was also possible they had subconsciously been hesitant to attack when their beloved princess was in the enemy camp.

And ill fortune struck Clanaria even after they were routed and retreating. A great storm had hit at just that moment.

With visibility reduced and the order lost, they had fallen entirely out of formation and fled every which way in a panic. Domos had only needed to go with the flow and hunt them down.

Clanaria’s General Albare had remained on the battlefield even after defeat was certain and he had commanded a rear guard of only 3000 with his aide Uldarg, but that had not lasted long and their numbers were quickly cut down once the fierce downpour caught them.

The sole surviving senior officer, Left General Hopard, had worked to somehow regain command of the losing army, but it had been wasted effort.

Clanaria King Baldwin had been waiting for victory far behind the actual army. Once he received word that the army had been crushed, he returned to the royal capital of Curling while surrounded by Old General Zoral and his other aides.

Once the late summer storm passed, the air felt oddly clean, the western sky was dyed red, and the earth was covered in an even more red liquid.

“What have I done…?”

Novel Introduction: Harem Dynast: Part 2

Finally getting to part two of this.

Harem Dynast – New Kingdom Conquered by the Golden Dragon: Part 2 (ハーレムダイナスト 新・黄金竜を従えた王国 下巻).

Original Cover:

Re-release Cover:

Author: Takeuchi Ken (竹内けん)
Illustrator: Senbata Rou (せんばた楼)
Label: 2D Dream Bunko (二次元ドリーム文庫)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 3: Fall of Fortress City Ramlese
Chapter 4: Battle of Royal Capital Curling
Chapter 5: A Rough Deflowering
Chapter 6: The Dragon Heads to the Central Plain

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Adolescent Adam 7: Chapter 1 - Etcetera Beginning With a Kiss

Something was odd.

Four weeks had passed since Mutsuki noticed his body’s abnormality.

He had a very young sister back home, so he was more sensitive than most to signs of poor health. If he felt even a little ill, he would take his temperature and some medicine. He put in an effort to not spread anything to his family. That had not changed once the angels began protecting him, so he had been worried about a cold for four weeks now.

But this abnormality was not an issue of poor health.

In fact…

Adolescent Adam 7: Prologue

Math is born from humanity’s love of accuracy.

1 and 2 are separated and one of them has twice the value of the other. 1 is 1 and it only becomes 2 when its value doubles. This simple difference is the entire purpose behind math’s existence.

But look at it from a certain angle and nothing traps people’s minds in inaccuracy quite like math.

101 and 102 are clearly different according to match, but finding a difference between them in reality is difficult. Even if you prepared two rulers, you could not be certain there was not a 0.001mm difference between them.

So Miss A had long since stopped seeking accuracy.

Math had been her worst subject in school. During her witch training, a few potions had blown up in her face because she refused to measure the ingredients. She was fine with “about 3” as a definition of pi.

Science always used math when discussing units and it strived to be as accurate as possible.

Miss A stood at the top of that field, but it was not well known how careless she was about accuracy.

“Nn, there.”

Novel Introduction: Adolescent Adam 7

Now for the seventh novel: Adolescent Adam 7: kissing you (思春期なアダム7 kissing you):

Author: Sakakikasa (さかき傘)
Illustrator: Amagai Yukino (天海雪乃)
Label: Atomic Bunko (あとみっく文庫)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 2: Mutsuki’s Secret
Chapter 3: A Secret with Mutsuki
Chapter 4: Encounter in the Dark
Chapter 5: Etcetera Leading To a Kiss
Chapter 6: The Curtain Rises
Chapter 7: Over Heat
Chapter 8: Lilith’s Plot
Chapter 9: Stay Away

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Adolescent Adam 6: Afterword

Hello. Diapers bought as reference material: 1300 yen. Pregnancy test bought for the same reason: 1000 yen. The look on my friend’s face upon finding diapers and a pregnancy test in a childless guy’s room: priceless. This is Sakakikasa.

Now, this one was Juvenile Attack. How did you like it? I called it “juvenile” and yet focused on the story of an upperclassman like Ren, but I think I made up for that with Ange in the end. Maybe.

I returned to the original trio and kept the sex scenes to only Ange, Machina, and Lucia this time. Even after six volumes, this was actually the first time to have it one-on-one with each of them. I need to pay more attention to that kind of structure.

Once again, I have to thank Amagai Yukino-sensei for the cute illustrations. …Ange with the pacifier and rattle was…dangerous. I think he has me beat when it comes to kinkiness.

And I once more received a lot of help from my editor, T-sama. Although he’s a little too into the backpack + bloomers outfit.

Now, until we meet again in the next one.