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Harem Engagement: Chapter 3 - Flavor of the First Sister

The refreshing morning sun shined into the dining hall. Since it was the morning after Ogmios’s funeral, an awkward atmosphere filled the castle, but it was especially pronounced here.

Bargisel sat at the head of the large rectangular table covered in a white tablecloth. Fasilia sat to his right and Evun on the right side of the table. Orphen sat on the left side of the table and Arlee sat across from the boy.

Sitting at the same table as that family was bad enough, but he was sitting at the head of the table. He thought he was going to die.

And that feeling was mostly thanks to Arlee who angrily clattered her silverware as she ate, creating very displeased metallic noises.

That youngest sister made no attempt to hide how upset she was and in fact made a point of showing it off, but her stepmother and sisters ignored her. Bargisel was of course hesitant to speak to her.

“Okay, eat up everyone. There is plenty more.”

Fasilia spoke cheerfully while serving her stepdaughters and Bargisel with equal respect. It was hard to believe that was the same widow who was moaning in pleasure as a young male pounded her from behind the night before.

Milk Princess 2: Epilogue

After enjoying a lot more sex and getting back in the bath to wash off, it was well into evening.

They returned to the castle, enjoyed a nice dinner together, and then received a report from the royal guards that the pair of attackers had been apprehended. They had indeed been ordered to assassinate Akira and they had been found while trying to flee the queendom after their failure.

However, they had never directly met their client and had only done as told because of the large sum of money paid up front and the equally large sum promised afterwards, so the identity of the villain was still a mystery. But since the assassins had made it into the royal bedrooms, Sherris was probably right that it was someone inside the queendom. The investigation to identify that person would apparently continue.

The thought of being attacked at any time was worrying, but he did not feel like he could complain about that while with those women and girls he loved so much.

Milk Princess 2: Chapter 6 - More Lovey-Dovey Boobtopia

“I have a real treat for you today, Akira. It might be a little elaborate, but I really hope you like it.”

Christina had apparently finished her official duties for the day when she summoned him to her bedroom one afternoon.

She had recently been away for 10 days, so he was excited at the prospect of enjoying her company again and rushed there. Once inside, the queen welcomed him with a warm hug and intense kisses like usual, but for some reason, she brought him outside.

“Um, where are we going?”

“Hee hee. Somewhere wonderful. After the trouble you went through while I was away, I really hope you will let me provide a formal apology in the traditional Courreges fashion.”

“No, you don’t have to go to any trouble over me.”

The queen had done nothing wrong, but she still felt some responsibility for the attempt on his life. There was some concern since the culprit was likely someone inside the queendom, but he was more interested in this traditional form of apology. His experiences in the queendom told him this was bound to be something incredible.

Magical Princess Makina: Afterword

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Magical Princess Makina: Novel Original Chapter - Night of the Magical Princess and the Black Knight

She never met a single man in that village.

On their journey to restore the Grandel Kingdom, Makina and Tet visited a rural village with a small and quiet population. This was still inside Britannica, so they were surprised to see the massive difference between the urban and the rural areas.

But not even a small village like this was spared Britannica’s influence. That kingdom was constantly sending soldiers out to other kingdoms, so all the village’s working-age men – from the boys to the elderly – had been sent to the royal capital to serve in the military. Only the women remained. But the women were used to Britannica’s invasive tendencies, so they worked hard to protect their village.

“I didn’t expect to find a woman guarding the gate.”

Adolescent Adam 8: Chapter 7 - With Adam, With Lilith

While the communicator she had brought with her displayed a red light, Ren and Mutsuki remained in Shuntarou’s room. About five minutes had passed. Machina had responded initially, but after an explosive noise, the connection had been lost.

It might have been best if they escaped somewhere else, but…

“Help will be here…soon. Just a bit longer, Fujita.”

How much had Ren gone through to reach this place? She lay motionless on the bed as if she had used up every last ounce of her strength.

Mutsuki did not want to move her if that might harm her, so he silently rubbed her back instead.

He hated how it made his heart race a little to touch her bare skin even in these circumstances.

In lieu of thanking him, she gave him a gentle and warm smile just in a truly upperclassmanly way.

But soothing her had the opposite effect right now. She must have relaxed after completing her mission.


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Harem Engagement: Chapter 2 - Flavor of a Widow

“Lady Fasilia, do you have a moment?”

After leaving the bath in despair, Bargisel returned to his room and crawled into bed.

But he was too agitated to sleep and finally decided to get out of bed. He used the moonlight to walk through the hallway instead of using a lantern or magic light. After some hesitation, he knocked on the lady of the castle’s door.

“Sel, what are you doing up at this hour?”

Fasilia opened the heavy door and had apparently been preparing for bed.

She wore a beige gown over her black mourning clothes and she had let down her long blonde hair so it fell across her back.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot how late it was. I will visit you again tomorrow.”

Seeing her told him how rude it was to visit this late, so he quickly started to turn around.

“Wait. You have something you wish to discuss, don’t you? Then come in.”


“I was just thinking I would have trouble getting to sleep, so this is perfect. And I don’t want to stand out in the hall talking, so come in.”