Sunday, November 25, 2018

Novel Introduction: Magical Princess Makina

The Slutty Adventures of Magical Princess Makina (淫紋魔法姫マキナのビッチな冒険)

Author: Hayakawauka (ハヤカワウカ)

Illustrator: Zukky
Label: Beginning Novels (ビギニングノベルズ)

A princess loses her kingdom and is cursed with a magic spell that gives her one of those famous womb tattoos that makes her constantly horny. While journeying with her childhood friend to bring back their kingdom, she has various, well, slutty adventures behind his back.

So, yeah, it's NTR, but (in my opinion) the good kind of NTR: from the girl's POV and (mostly) consensual. This is an LN release of a WN and each chapter has a bonus alternate ending showing what would have happened if she stayed in each town instead of continuing her journey.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 3: Wells Volcano Mine
Another End: The Miners’ Whore
Chapter 4: Banilanda’s Pub
Another End 4: Slutty Slutty Bunnies
Chapter 5: The Cat’s Collar Restaurant
Another End 5: The Restaurant’s Horny Waitress
Chapter 6: The Colossal Forest and the Hero’s Power
Another End 6: The Harem Heroines Want the Hero’s Babies
Chapter 7: The Forbidden Archive and the Book of Joseph
Another End 7: Unfaithful Women in the Forbidden Archive
Novel Original Chapter: Night of the Magical Princess and the Black Knight


  1. theres good ntr?, seems like your gf or wife is cheating on you and your still unable to tell, gl you gigantic cuck

  2. I love it. I really love it. Must be in a lewd RPG Game

  3. i need more!!! where i cand find it??

  4. Yay! !! My fav NTR/consensual play genre . My top kinda fav of this kind would be Isekai NTR . It's good but author has a writters block


  5. Will you continue translating? How often will you update? answer please.

  6. Woo, do hope you keep translating this!

  7. Pliss complete this translation. I read similiar novel isekai NTR but since the Raw is hung evrr since the translation kinda questionable. So pliss finish translation for this one since raw already complete

  8. Uhm.. What it mean with harem heroin? Is that 1 girl being gangbang or the heroin make group harem girl for hero?

  9. How is this NTR? They are basically really good friends, teammates, and master/servant. Tet really holds her in high regard but doesn’t seem like it’s anything romantic yet. Maybe due to his high loyalty because they saved him in the past somehow. Making if anything shows the most romantic interest to him at first, but she treasures their current relationship hence why she hides her other side. I know the author tries to write it in NTR style with Tet being nearby during each sexual engagement, but that’s for two purposes: build a sense of immortality for Makina and for the male partners to feel superior as they misunderstand the situation (particularly the two’s relationship). Once again, they are more than friends but not lovers as they have the ultimate trust in each other.

    Makina, when it comes down to it, always chooses Tet. With the inn keeper, she could have stayed like in the alternate ending, but chose to stay with Tet. Even said she would never see the inn keeper again. When Tact was going to abandon Tet, she immediately lost interest in him.

    The sex scenes are decent but short. I’m actually quite interested in the underlying plot which is the magician that crumbled the kingdom. I think he’s related to Tet somehow. Also, what does Tet’s curse mark signify? Doesn’t look like it’s an increased libido like Makina (plus she gets the power up benefits). I’m curious to see how that all unfolds.

    1. Also, all the betrayal that she feels toward him when she’s with other guys is only because she knows she’s breaking his image of him, nothing more. That just fuels her immortality which is then converted to lust.

  10. waiting the chapter 3... (stare)