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Magical Princess Makina: Prologue

“Princess, you are far wilder than you look.”

The princess smiled bitterly at that comment from a guest as she picked up the purple ice.

It was nothing. This was a party to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Grandel Kingdom’s founding and a waiter had spilled some wine, so she had simply frozen it with magic.

She had only been trying to prevent her white dress, her long blonde hair, and the nearby officials’ and nobles’ clothes from being stained.

She disliked being thought of as “wild” just because she was a royal who used magic, but she also understood why they saw it that way.

This was a gathering of the upper class which did not need to use weapons or magic.

“It is unusual for a princess to be so talented in magic.”

“Not necessarily. Grandel was founded by a magical swordsman.”

“If our princess was enrolled in a magic school, she could easily graduate from the middle school level and enter the high school. She is about that age as well.”

“Come to think of it, it is her birthday today, isn’t it?”

“She just gets more and more beautiful every year.”

The princess assumed that noblewoman was simply flattering her, so she only nodded a little without really agreeing or disagreeing.

However, that assessment was accurate. Everyone was charmed by her long blonde hair, saw the beauty in her refined facial features, and could not keep their eyes off of the ample curves of her body. Although none of them allowed their lust to show on their face.

“Happy birthday, princess.”

“Flash freezing that spilled wine was most impressive.”

“Beautiful and skilled in magic? You really are a descendent of the legendary Sir Arthur, aren’t you?”

People in pricey suits or dresses and decorated with shiny accessories or makeup spoke to her with a smile.

Politely and modestly thanking them all was exhausting work even if it was not unpleasant.

“But if you spend too much time on magic, you will miss the perfect time to get married.”

“Now, now. Do not be so rude to her.”

“Yes. With her beauty, she will have no end of suitors.”

“Oh? Princess?”

As the noble guests continued talking, she bowed toward them and hurried away.

She walked straight across the large party hall and stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the chilly night breeze.

She could hear the people celebrating in the castle town despite the chill. Still, this place was considerably more peaceful than the party hall.


“Princess Makina, would you perhaps be happier dedicating your life to magic than marrying a prince or noble from another kingdom?”

She heard a young voice from behind and her dress’s frills fluttered as she turned around.

She saw a black-haired knight of her own age there and she put on a look of anger for him.

“You too, Tet? I will admit I like magic, but I’ve never said anything about never marrying.”

“Ha ha. My apologies, princess.”

The young knight named Tet knew his princess well enough to know she was not really angry, so he apologized with a quick bow.

“Even if that day comes for you, princess, I will continue to protect you for the rest of your life.”

“Yes. Thank you, Tet.”

They stood at the edge of the balcony together and exchanged that promise while watching the city lights below and the smiles of the people enjoying the festival.

Grandel’s 600th year was being celebrated in the castle and the castle town. And after watching those energetic people for a bit, she turned her sapphire eyes toward her childhood friend knight.

“Marriage, hm?”

“What? Did you say something?”

“N-no! I did not say anything at all.”

When his black eyes met hers, she quickly looked the other way. So he would not recognize the faint feelings she had felt for many long years. And so he would not see the slight flush to her ceramic-white skin.

However, reliable but dense Tet pestered her with questions: “Are you okay?” “Do you have a fever?” He was popular among the maids and girls in the castle town for his looks and that handsome face was right in front of her now.

She could not come up with a good excuse, so she was unsure what to say. But then…

“Oh, Makina, there you are. And Tet too.”


“Your Majesty!”

A majestic man with golden hair and eyes stepped out onto the balcony, so Tet kneeled on the spot.

“Oh, at ease, Tet. You can skip the formalities on this day of celebration.”

Makina’s father wore a luxurious white suit and a red cape over that. The king of Grandel had appeared before them.

“Did you come out here to escape too, father?”

“Yes, I wish I could spend these parties celebrating instead of dealing with social formalities and diplomacy. Those things are important, but you can really tell the kingdom has accumulated relatives and guests over the course of 600 years.”

The Grandel King scratched his hair which was as blonde as his daughter’s.

He complained, but Makina knew he had been looking forward to this day more than anyone. And it was his efforts that had allowed the kingdom to reach this anniversary.

He was in his early forties, which made him a younger leader, but he was already known as one of the kingdom’s wisest kings. Without his direction, they may have already been invaded by a rising military kingdom.

After avoiding that threat, he had the full trust of Grandel’s officials and people.

“I think that just shows how much everyone respects you, father.”

“To be honest, I don’t care what anyone thinks as long as my daughter loves me.”

“And I do love you, father!”

“Heh heh. You hear that, Tet? My beloved daughter is a real daddy’s girl. You can’t have her quite yet.”

His teasing brought red to Makina and Tet’s cheeks.


“I would never! I would never even consider such a thing!”

“I am joking of course. Although if Makina wants it, I could make you our knight commander.”

Tet kept his back perfectly straight and the king placed an arm around the boy’s shoulder and expressed his high hopes for him. The king saw Tet like his own son.

“You saved my life, Your Majesty, so my life belongs to Grandel no matter what my formal title might be! I swear it on my own name and the name of my late mother!”

Tet gave a glimpse of his strong sense of loyalty.

“I’m counting on you,” said the Grandel King with a slap of Tet’s shoulder. Also, the mention of a “mother” reminded him why he had come out here in the first place. “Oh, right. Makina, can you go call for your mother? The king and queen must greet everyone together before long, but she has yet to return after heading in to freshen up. Which is odd since she was never the type to spend too long on such things. Regardless, if her daughter tells her to hurry back, I am sure she will be here right away.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then I shall accompany you.”

Tet began to follow Makina as it was a knight’s duty to protect the royal family, but the king had a message for him.

“No, the knight commander was looking for you, Tet. There has apparently been a report of a suspicious figure spotted inside the castle. Go patrol the castle just to be safe.”

“Yes, Your Majesty! Right away!”

“Okay, father. See you later.”

Makina and Tet bowed to the king and returned to the castle with their respective tasks in mind.

——Neither of us suspected that would be our last conversation with the King of Grandel.

Makina passed through a hallway containing a large portrait of Grandel’s very first king standing gallantly atop a hill while equipped with armor, a helmet, and two swords. She was walking from the party hall to her parents’ room.


But something felt off to her. An anniversary party was underway in the city and castle, but this hallway was unnaturally quiet. She heard no voices and did not pass anyone on the way.

Knights guarded her mother. Maids looked after her. A royal always had someone nearby to serve her.


And yet things were as quiet as a tomb. Worry filled her chest as she approached her parents’ bedroom.



She heard some kind of sound from the room. It was like a drop of water falling into a pool. Or like a cat in search of a mate in early spring.

The worry accelerated her pulse. Her breathing grew shallow and her thoughts spiraled wildly through her mind.

She hesitantly tiptoed over to the door which stood half open.

And she peered into her parents’ bedroom.

“Ah Ahh Honey I-I’m sorry But it – yes, yes! – it feels so good


Her mother’s lower body was exposed and a man pinned her down.

Her long, flaxen hair was splayed out around her and tears filled sapphire eyes so much like Makina’s as she had sex with someone other than Makina’s father.

“Nh Ah Yes, there Nhhh Ah

The man’s tanned hips slapped against her plump thighs and white butt. Their genitals rubbed together while he thrusted his hips from behind like they were two dogs or cats mating.

An obscenely wet sound echoed through the room. That was proof that the man’s rock-hard cock was penetrating the queen’s wet pussy, but Makina did not understand that.


She could not see the man’s upper body or face because he wore a black hood and robe. She could only see her own mother’s sexual expression. The queen actually had drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as she allowed a man other than her husband have his way with her body.

“Ahh I can feel you Yes So deep I’ve never felt it this deep Ahhn Ahhh

She spoke loudly despite the possibility of being overheard and she clenched the sheet to bear with the pleasure. She lifted her large butt up for the man to grab and he thrust inside her vagina with enough force for her motherly breasts to shake wildly. And with each thrust, she cried out in pleasure anew.

“Wh-what is this?”

Makina thought her mind, lungs, and heart had all stopped working. The fear and shock kept her frozen in place.

“Ah I’m cumming I’m cumming Honey I’m – ohh I’m sorry! But, ahhhh

Finally, the strange man thrust his hips even deeper and trembled while he came. Makina’s mother, the Queen of Grandel, arched her back, shouted at the top of her lungs, and then collapsed onto the bed.




The black-hooded man slowly turned around.

There was a horizontal scar on his cheek. As soon as she saw that, she took off running like she had been physically repelled. Her shoes fell off, but she left them behind. She did not look back as she focused her entire being on getting as far from that bedroom as possible.

(What? What is going on!?)

Her panicked mind was full of never-ending questions. Who was that? Why was her mother doing that? Where were the knights and maids? She had to let her father know. But how? What was she supposed to tell him? In fact, had anything she saw there really been real?


She spoke her childhood friend’s name. She wanted to see him. She wanted him to give her that usual smile and speak to him in that usual voice.

Out of breath, she returned to the party hall to find her father and Tet, but…


There was no one there. None of the servants had been there with her mother either, so she was afraid everyone had disappeared here too.

But that was not the case. Most of the guests were out on the balcony looking up into the night sky.

“Is that some kind of show for the anniversary?”

“Wait, is it even possible to summon such a large magic circle in midair!?”

“Impressive. So which unit is he from, King Grandel?”

“I thought the leader of the magicians was a woman.”

“Wait. I was not informed of this. And I have never seen that man before.”

The people in the castle and the people in the castle town were all looking up into the night sky at that moment. They were looking at the giant magic circle and black-hooded man that floated there.

That man was the very same intruder who had been fucking Makina’s mother in her bedroom a moment before.

Which meant that magic circle was not a show. It was an attack.

Makina ran over to let her father and the people know that.


But before she could reach them…


The black-hooded man said something, the magic circle shined, and the pattern inside the circle appeared on the foreheads of everyone viewing it.

Then the bodies of Grandel’s people transformed into ice-like crystals starting from the feet.


“What in the hell!?”

“My body!”

“Ah, ahh!”

“What is going on!?”

“Help me!”

Confusion and panic. Fear and anger. The smiles and laughter of the anniversary celebrators were instantly transformed into the moans of the residents of hell.

Finally, their bodies had fully transformed into tall crystals. Then those crystals floated into the air and gathered around the mysterious sorcerer in the black hood.

“Father! Mother! Everyone!”

The king had gone to sleep while trapped in a crystal. So had the queen. And that was not all. The knight commander, the magician commander, the officials, the maids, the chefs, the gardeners, the nobles, the townspeople, the young, the old, the men, the women, the pets, and even the livestock had all been affected. All life living in the kingdom was trapped in crystals before Makina’s eyes.


And as she wept and her hips nearly gave out below her, she heard her childhood friend’s voice from behind.


It was not everything. Tet appeared to be safe, so perhaps more had survived.

But just as she started to feel some relief…

“Princess! You need to escape from-…!”

Something pierced Tet’s forehead and her lower stomach. The objects were something like arrows, but they flew with magical swiftness.

She and Tet collapsed on the balcony and nearly passed out. She writhed on the floor and held her lower stomach, but not just due to pain. She also felt an intense and hot throbbing there.



She tried to reach a hand out to the childhood friend collapsed next to her. The magic circle symbol that had transformed the other people into crystals had appeared on Tet’s forehead. Only after seeing that symbol disappear from his skin did she give in to the intense pain near her womb and allow her eyelids to close.

Despite 600 years of history and tradition, the Grandel Kingdom vanished literally overnight.

Save for one princess and one knight, all of its people were transformed into crystals and then disappeared.

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